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Canadian Orders with Publish America
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My new release with Publish America 

After The Pain

After the Pain
Annette Newell
Tired of living the small town life, twenty-five-year-old Ashlee Crawford needed a drastic change. Once dashing and handsome Adam Donaldson joined her class fireworks exploded. Their on-again/off-again romance brought about heartache. Best friends Tamara and wild boy Clay Forrester joined her circle of friends. When dashing and very sexy Todd Lethbridge walked into Ashlee’s law office there was something about him that drew Ashlee in. When they went on a date, why was it Adam she thought about? In a mixture of love and chaos the group of friends get over the hurtles that threatened to keep them apart. Love and romance take center stage in a mixture of double weddings and lifelong friendships. What started as a bumpy ride for all the young friends ended with romance ever after. Join Ashlee and Adam on their journeys from heartache to forever love.

Because of the difference in the exchange from American money and Canadian money, I e-mailed Publish America to find the total that would include shipping and handling if you want to send an American money order which you get at the post office. Publish America accepts all major credit cards, although they do not accept Canadian cheques.

A lady called and wanted the exact price for one book payable to Publish America, so I thought I would add it to my page.
An order total for one copy of After The Pain, including shipping would be $20.45 in US dollars. (CANADIAN TOTAL WOULD BE $29.29 TOTAL)
*To break it down, in US money the book sells for $16.95 and shipping is $3.50 for the first book, $2.00 for each additional book.
If you have any questions you can e-mail me at any time at

I'm hoping this makes sense. You can pay by credit card, or go to the post office and ask for an American money order for $29.29

Now Available

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