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Welcome to Annette's Home Away From Home

Please send me a picture of your pet

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Annette Newell

Do you have a funny or cute and cuddly picture of your pet that you would like to share? We'd all love to see it.

Have you got a cute pet picture?
photo by Tracy Newell
Meet Rusty

Meet Dusty
I'm Rusty's Brother
My mom's dog - Part Australian Shepherd, part lab

Meet Becky's cute dog Schmoo
Isn't he adorable?

Becky and Amber with Schmoo
Becky and Amber

Owner Jeff and Kathy
Meet Spot - Isn't he cute

Meet Lucy
My friend Hazel's beautiful dog

What a beautiful dog Lucy is

What a beautiful puppy. Her name is Abby.
woof woof woof
Owner: Charmaine Colp of Port Mouton, Nova Scotia

Everyone meet Abby.
woof woof woof
Charmaine's new little puppy.

Thank you for dropping in for a visit. I hope you will come back soon.